5. Great Love

What is Great Love?

Great love is this:

Someone who lays down His life for his friend

Someone who will love you till the end

Someone who will never pretend

A broken heart, Great Love can mend

Great Love is Forever, it will never go away

It is the same today as it was yesterday

It’s always on time, it will never delay

And if this Great Love wouldn’t stay

How would I go about my day?

Instead of a Monday, it would be a Mournday

Instead of a Tuesday, It would be a Tearsday

Instead of a Wednesday, it would be a Wasteday

Instead of a Thursday, it would be a Thirstday

Instead of a Friday, it would be a Fightday

Instead of a Saturday, it would be a Shatterday

And Instead of a Sunday, it would be a Sinday

But thank God for Great Love,

It makes me as free as a dove

And as happy as Mickey Mouse with his glove

And this Great Love is from Above. ❤

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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