I've Always Been A Believer

I've always been a believer..

I used to believe I needed to be inhebriated

to appreciate the things that he's created.  

I used to believe that drugs would help me see clearly,yet they nearly killed me,so clearly my judgement was growing weary.  I used to believe that Jesus was a work of fiction,that if he ever lived he died of rightful conviction. I used to believe, like science,that evolution was the answer,  now I only see evolution as a cancer. Now I believe in a god with so much love for us,that he gave his only son for us.  Now I believe that drugs only cloud the mindof the light he desires to shine deep inside.  Now I believe it undeniable that god does exist,and shall fight for that truth as long as I shall live.  Now I believe on the inside is a bunch of broken pieces,and I know the only one who can make it whole,is Jesus.  I've always been a believer..


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