God's Heaven


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United States
29° 27' 3.15" N, 95° 1' 43.1364" W

God's Heaven
Written by Adam M. Snow

A vision splendid of the Heavenly scene,
filled my mind with an image so clean:
the purity of the road from which I walk,
beyond the pearly gates so pure and white;
brighter than the sun's brightest light,
where the saints goes to flock.

Awestruck was I, with bright colors so new;
beyond everything of this earthly hue.
They glowed from the flowers in eternal bloom;
no death is seen, no weltering of a rose;
true beauty only God could compose -
with great fragrance, oh Heaven's perfume.

Oh the Heaven's perfumes, intoxicating scent;
so greatly with love, Heaven's intent.
Entwined with the sounds of the Heavenly choir;
great melodies with angelic boasts.
And out of the mouths of the highest Heavenly hosts,
singing with voices of fire.

Oh the tunes of Heavenly chorus great,
flowing with love and overflowing the gates.
The power's so great I fall to my knees,
I cannot help but join in to sing,
(O' great is Thy forever King -
great is Thy Maker of peace.)

And suddenly there, in crystal sunlight's glow,
stands all those dear ones we always loved so.
I see my father staring back at me;
my father whom I lost in mid bleak December.
Oh the treasures I will remember,
like the beauty of Heaven's seas.

As I see him, as young as I;
no tears in Heaven, still I wanted to cry.
Never thought I would see him once more.
My father, my friend is he -
a different man, cancer free;
still my father since the days of yore.

Such great gift that God has given me,
a vision of this soon coming beauty.
A land so great for a few yet so many;
the resting place at the end of my life,
to lay down in peace at the end of all my strife.
I wait for Thee, O' God, I wait for Thee.



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