Sun, 06/05/2016 - 20:19 -- kptml

Sitting in a sunlit room,

I ponder how to begin


Words seem to distance themselves

From me after

So long a space

I filled with nothing more than

Wounded doubts


Under the pressure of eye lids,

Tears burn into my brain

Melting memories and causing

Them to run forth and

Remind me of Your

Never ending patience and of Your

Unwavering love


You continued to pursue me

Even when my

Darkest hour ran into

My darkest year


Though I have shuddered away

From Your reaching hands, and

Though I have cursed Your

Gentle hold, still

You never let go of

My hollowed frame


When I screamed

Through the madness and the pain

That I was strong enough,

You never ceased in

Being the support

That kept me sane


Even as I

Deflated my own bones

In self-proclaimed defeat,

You reached inside my misery

And dragged me up again,

Because You, my Lord,

Have cared when all other

Company would rather

Abandon me for dead


My God, how marvelous

Is Your beauty, and

How gracious is

Your Spirit


No matter where I run,

No matter where I hide,

Your quaking voice whispers

In the very depths of

My being that

You are my Beloved,

And God,

I am Yours


So, through these broken moments,

I come to rest

At Your feet, and



I escape to You

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