When He Came into the World

When God came into the world, He already had everything planned out.

Even if he didn’t, he sure as well went out with a bang.

Now when he brought me in, I wish he wrote out a manual or a pamphlet

For me to understand myself and my future.


I still haven’t gotten anything figured out.

I put up this face up to make people believe that I’ll become this doctor.

In truth, I have nothing planned out.

Until recently, I was just found out that junior year is not easy.

What will happen when I move to college?

How do I make sure that all the other years aren’t as tough on me?


When I came into this world, I did not realize the whole world has a plan.

They have a plan to succeed, proceed, and receive.

And the worst part is that the motto was meant for money.

You succeed, get a job, proceed in life and gain money.

To say that the world is built for us is an understatement.

To the world, we are just little machines that live on them.

The issue is that we are machines that hurt our landlord.


How can I have something figured out, when the world hasn’t figured anything out?

If the world were to solve everything, maybe then we could move onto smaller issues to solve.

For example, me.

Or maybe we could figure things out slowly, one by one.

Even if we solve every human one by one,

We cannot guarantee that a new human would be on the same page.

That would just destroy our plan.


I guess you can say, that world we know of is not perfect.

We aren’t perfect

It’s okay to not have everything figured out.

It’s okay to start one step at a time.

I mean, everyone has to start at one point or the other.

So who’s to say we won’t figure things out at the same time?

Start differently, and end the same.

We will end up like him.

Going out with a bang.


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