like and unlike

Sun, 05/05/2013 - 05:18 -- dmj3473


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Like and Unlike

Like a sword cutting through butter
So Your words cut through me
Like the thorn on a bright red rose
So my heart is pierced in the midst of Your beauty
Like the tide in the frenzy of a storm
I feel like I am chaotically tossed and pulled all around
But like a seed blowing in the wind
I know someday I find where I belong and put my roots in the ground

Like any sheep of the fold
I wander at times
And like any shiny coin
can sometimes be hard to find

But You are willing leave all that have to come and seek me out
Willing to search, constantly to and fro just so the lost can be found

Like any heart of flesh, mine occasionally fails
Like any heart of stone, mine can be foolishly stubborn
Unlike other Saviors, You always prevail
Unlike other Fathers, You always fulfill what you’ve sworn.

Like a mighty mountain that stands,
I think I will remain forever
Like a castle built in the sands,
I am leveled by the rain and weather

Like a lion in the safari, I hunt the gazelle and think that I am king
I forget that the day shall come when I am grass, and it will be the Gazelle that is hunting me.

Like any heart of stone, mine can be hard to change
Like any heart of flesh, mine wishes to be free from hurt
Unlike any other king and commander, you eternally reign
Unlike any other Lover, you died that we might know our worth

Like a calm still brook in the forest
I am led by your hand
Like a blue jay in trees
I sing your praise joyfully in all the land

Like a large fluffy cloud on a bright day, I am washed in the warmth of the Son
Like a majestic eagle soaring in the sky, I ride on the wings of Your love

Unlike other heart of flesh, mine is beginning to deny itself
Unlike other hearts of stone, mine is coming alive
Like a great and mighty healer, you heal the scars eyes can’t see
Like a merciful and powerful king, you break the chains and set the captives free.

Like you there is none on all the earth or in heights of heaven above
Unlike anything else I’ve ever known, you are the eternal God of Love.


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