Don't let go

      take it step by step

                          I say when I feel like I need to run 

      take it breath by breath 

                         I say when I feel I took my last one 

      take it hit by hit 

                            I say when I feel so overwhelmed 

    Take it day by day

                  I say when I feel no more days will come 

    take it night by night 

                 I say when the nightmares make me numb

   take it fight by fight 

                              I say when my enemies hold a gun

    take it prayer by prayer 

                               I say when I feel like  I have none 

   take it word by word 

                       I say when I am forgotten and shunned 

  take it sunrise by sunrise 

                       I say never know what tomorrow holds

 take it not by diguise, cause you despise 

                          I say when I feel oh so lonely and cold

   take it not by the end prize 

                                                I say cause I truely know

  take it not by others lies 

                                              of love and trust and gold 

 but take instead help to child's cries 

    cause they don't understand why their parents scold 

 and instead to those who wish to die 

                            because their pain was not controlled 

take instead to tired mothers sighs 

                                           who just need a sign of hope 

take instead to one with pain in their eyes 

                                              and help their hope remold

take it to those who hate goodbyes 

                                              and be there and don't let go 




This poem is about: 
Our world



this poem is about telling people about God 

and just helping in general 

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