I Write


(poems go here)

Why I write…

I write to get my feeling out

So that when people read my poems

They’ll say,

“Wow Sarah I didn’t know you felt this way”

I write about my memorizes

                                     From family vacations to my embarrassing moments

I write to make an impact

So people will remember my poems forever

I write so people can relate to what I’m going through

I write to tell people the truth

That Jesus died for our sins

I write to give people hope by telling them

Whoever believes in Jesus will have everlasting life

Poetry is who I am

When you read it you know more about me

I write because I’m free

I use to be a slave to sin but Jesus saved me from the life of sin and death

Thanks be to God-through Jesus Christ our Lord!

If I didn’t write I would have all my

Emotions and thought bottled up in me

Even the rocks cry out there is a God

I write to tell you my purpose

To follow God and declare his Glory and Love


Need to talk?

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