Letters to God


United States
36° 14' 42.9612" N, 85° 32' 26.2356" W

God, I don't know if you can see me
From all the way up there
Through all these floors
Or if you even care
But could you remind me that you exist?
Cause when I'm alone, it's easy to forget
And that you might just be my only friend
When it comes down to the very end

God, I don't know if you can see me
But if you can hear me,
Know I'm crying tonight
Because my effortless life isn't worth a fight

And when I go to bed tonight
Will you let me wake up on the right side?
And when I let my thoughts go
Leave me with one thought I know
And what's supposed to be life
Is hard to understand
And even harder to fallow
If you're yet to have a plan

This is the life of some glass child
Frozen in see-through existence
I know you can see right through me
And so my false persistence

Well you know all about me
Now change who I'm allowed to be
Cause I'm so lost today
Now where's your saving grace?
I don't feel blessed anymore
Watching everyone I know walk out the door
Why can't I go with them?

I just want to blend in
There's nothing wrong with that
But you're stopping me from doing so
And now who've I become
I'd say myself, but I've lost her

I can't help but think it's your falt
Because you won't tell me how it's not
And you probably don't deserve pain
But this is the only way I can explain
I just want to feel good (Nowadays)
Let me, please, I think you should

I feel like I'm trapped inside a box
Can't get out cause there's a lock
And if there's no puzzle
Then there's no peace
No obvious restraint harboring a key
There's no answers to the questions
I've searched all I can, there nowhere
Why would it be that they're hidden?
Why must happiness be all ridden?

And now I just want to get it right
Walk until I walk the line
If it means going through hell
It's already been that to get here
And here is not a place
I've tried telling you that to your face
You seem to think it's for the best
Maybe it is, if there's an end to the quest
Could you make my life any less complicated?

It's hard to be a good person with all the frustration
It's hard to trust anyone with all the lost communication
It's hard to talk to anyone when we all avoid conversation

That's all I know how to say
That's it, we'll call it the end.
But, God, when I pray tonight
Can I talk to you like a friend?


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