Are you Real?


So many struggle to find reason for their lives

So many struggle to go on

So many struggle

Yet so many miss on the simplest joys in life

So many regret their past sins

So many live in their failures

But these souls are dear and special to the Lord

The Lord fashioned each one according to His Will

His Love lives in us

His Love erases all sins, all mistakes, all regrets

His Love endures and heals

So many struggle to accept this simple truth

So many wish to make it out on their own

Yet they do not know where to turn to when things fall apart

But know beloved there is One whom we can place

Our trust

Our lives

Our love

Our hopes

Our fears

Our worries

Our tragedies

Our mistakes

Our regrets

Our dark,shameful secrets

His name is I Am

The Beginning and the End

The creator of all things, the Father of all things, and the God of all things

He sent his only Son to our miserable world that we might have life more abundantly

All it takes is to open your heart





He will answer.

And you will know the perfect love of our Heveanly Father.

His Son died for us, when we were yet strangers to Him

Will you seek Him today while you still have today?

Will you get to know Him?

Will you love Him?

Will you live for Him?


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