A Prayer

Holy God, Sovereign, Faithful, Righteous and True

I pray everyday that I may be reduced

Death to the flesh, alive in You

This is hard to do

So much temptation blurs my view

Whatever it takes, this is what I chose

Be the gardener of my heart, weeds, and thorns remove

Drink from Your cup, Blood of Jesus righteous juices

My soul’s affection and bruised

Healed by Christ Jesus, stripes, and wounds

Don’t want to go back into the devil's pool

Let me walk in your victorious shoes

So that I won’t slip into the devil's glue

Like a plug to a socket, connected to You

So I won’t go down into death and meet my doom

Everywhere I go, Your light that gives life produces

Giving birth to everlasting Spiritual fruit

Fire of Your Holiness consumed

“To live as Christ and to die is gain”

This is my life’s pursuit

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