A Prayer

I’m praying for a troubled girl,
who wishes for a change.
Everyday she feels different,
everyday she feels strange.

She feels like she’s living
For no reason at all.
She feels like a nobody
just a flower on the wall.

Everyday is the same for her,
she feels like giving up.
She feels like such an outcast,
who’s always screwing up.

She wishes she had friends,
someone to call her own
She hates feeling so shy,
she hates feeling alone.

At church she just feels worse,
like she doesn’t even belong.
She pretends like she’s okay,
she pretends like nothings wrong.

Please help her know that people care,
even if they don’t show it.
Make her see that she can change,
she really needs to know it.

Let her know that you’re there
That you here her when she prays.
Help her see that there is hope
God, please help her find her way.

I’m praying so you can save her.
I’m praying for you to set her free.
I’m praying just to tell you,
that this troubled girl is really me.

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