Sailing on the Sand

Sailing on the sand

I know the dangers up ahead

My mind is on and ready

My heart is leading fully


Sailing on the sand

Feet hitting the warming land

How long can I withstand?

A smile grows then fades away

Heart beating rapidly

Sailing on the sand


Sailing on the sand

Everything is parched, it seems

My feet, they burn desperately

My destination’s far from me


Sailing on the sand

The sun is beating my head

My breaths are short and wavering

My knees will soon be buckling


Then suddenly...

The wind, it blows so Gracefully

Sweeping me up gently

A stronger Force wraps around me

Then carries me over the burning sea


Sailing on the sand

No matter where I’m at

He’ll always be there in the end

For He hates when I sail on the sand

God’s words through me,

Julia J.




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Candle Light 2022

This poem started as an English assignment and turned into an experience of close communion with my Heavenly Father. 


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