Here I am

Living life

I’m just a man

Like the other guys


Living day in and out

Wondering if it’s worth it

But it’s more about

Finding your purpose


What am I made for

Why am I here

So open up the door

Let doubt disappear


The view will shock you

When reality enters

You start to walk through

A life without embers


The floor wept clean

You see the reflection

Unlike anything you’ve seen

It's God’s affection


It’s so overwhelming

You can’t help but dance

Your heart is racing

Like a newborn romance


The beat you’re stepping

Resounds like a drum

You can’t stop declaring

The war has been won


His blood is pumping

You can hear it in your ears

His love overflowing

It leaves you in tears


Lord let my heart beat

Faster and faster

It is you I seek

For you are my master


Let it explode

Flood over these people

Let in them be sowed

A love that grows deeper


Shine your light on me

Want to be a star in the sky

Like a full moon let them see

I reflect you to glorify


Your name above all

Celebrate your redemption

While nations rise and fall

In you there is no rejection


Although I’m not worthy

You hear me when I call

Your grace always finds me

Father of all

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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