Have you ever been
so scared of losing it
(your Gift from God)
that you'd never get
that lucky break,
the prize you'd win
if only you could change the stakes
erase the fate
you're doomed to live?
If you could give
some advice
to your younger self
on how to seek
out a new slice
a path un-trod, that no one speaks
about because they all
would rather you were safe
and happy rather than fall-
ing down and learning to stand
back up despite the pain.
Their good intentions cannot
take away the sufferings you will face
in this wild and wonderful race
called life. Fear not!
keep your eyes
and ears open.
Look to the skies!
Faith, hope, and love then
will grow in your heart
and teach you to train
your Gift, developing it
into a beautiful Art.


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