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1.  As the sun peaked through the shutter like an unwanted mister

The trees sang their song in a wonderful whisper.

Twirling in the wind like Josephine Baker                            

The leaves replicated like wonderful imitators

5.  Carried did the wind, quick and swift to their chambers

On that cool wistful wind that was sure to remind them

Long gone are the times

Of leisurely days and sleep filled night

And with a voice of mockery,

10.  The wind shouted with might

Welcome now the times of hardship, gloomy mornings and dreadful fright

Dampered gladness, joyous struggles, going well into midnight

Clear as crystal was this word as it rung in their ears

The time of school had arrived surely ready to deter

15.  The two brothers that this prologue doth circle about

In which all conquer fears, senseless worries subtle doubts

Then was it heard as the rumbling of the sea

A voice shouting loud as if they had to much mead

Though this day doth circle us about

20.  I’ll slay it like the dragon, leaving it spoil without!

Or so was his thought, as he wishfully dreamed

Conquering that dragon, [School] Day, so it seemed

 Then came the clock

As it rocked their IPod Docks

25.  Ring, ring did it sing

In its undelightful ping

Reaffirming the wind

So that their day might begin

First to awake just as bright as the sun,

30.  Was the youngest of the two armed and ready for fun

With glue sticks and pencils, number two’s to be sure

A box of tissue, pink erasers, broad tipped markers and more

Did he zip in his sac with his scrawny lanky limbs

To match his scrawny lanky legs as he scurried with tiz

35.  Short stature had this one

As he raced down the run

Slip-n’-sliding as if he had hit a home run

Even though the day had just only begun

Then woke the elder that had roared in his sleep

40.  Tumbling quite drowsily while arising to his feet

The size of a tractors, which they did compare

Matching his build topped with a bed of feathery hair

He was often viewed as gruff, tall and large in most’ sight

Barrel chested with arms that had put many a’flight

45.  Knocking over alarm clocks, dragging sheets in a daze

Looking at the time and reminiscing of the days

Where school was just a far off thought,

Or an urban legend becoming of naught

Skillfully he had avoided its sting 

50.  But now it hit him with all it could bring

For lack of friends, belittled scrutiny, coupled with chapter after chapter

He foreknew that this year would be absent of laughter

And so they both made it to the kitchen table

One being excited another hardly able

55.  One filled with joy with what has yet to be discovered

The other run down attempting to recover

From the pains caused by life and struggles deep within

Some inflicted by others, and others inflicted by him

So as the young one sung and danced in synchronicity

60.  He felt his brothers mood did not replicate his serendipity

Troubled in his spirit, his head filled with doubt

He called on his Father in faith and without

A question in his heart to His ability to see

 The wound gapping wide like an arrow splitting a tree

65.  Though he knew his bro might deny Him at first

They prayed that His blood would cover the hurt

And the pain that had distorted and blurried his name

Give him the strength to proclaim the name and live unashamed

So the brothers both young and old

70.  Filled with a confidence none could have stole

Departed from the abode reminiscent of idle days

And embraced the bright future both surely set to pave the way

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