Wed, 02/24/2016 - 10:40 -- Bug

Like a drug it takes you over
And it never let's you go
You try n' get away from it, but it never gives you up


Clawing for the sunlight
I'm drowning in the dark
Hell is taking over me n' I jus' want it to stop


Someone come an' save me
Someone save my mind
Someone come an' take from me the weapon in my hand


My wrists and arms run red
My legs covered n' scarred
My heart is busted open n' my life is way too hard


Someone save me now
Someone hold me close
Please someone save me from the monster I hate most


I've had enough of hate
I've had enough of pain
I think life would be better if I were only slain


Guardian angel help me
I'm not who I once was
I use to be so happy, but now I'm a lost cause


Depression's taking over me
I can't even think to stop
Cutting is relief to me; my mind just won't shut up


Heaven come and save me
Hell is taking over
My life is turning black and the sun will shine no more


I need an escape
I need a reason why
Take this blade from my hand if you want me to survive


I know that I am precious
I know that I am loved
So heaven please show me what He really thinks above


Jesus sent his Son
The only one He had
He sent Him to die so that I could be happy not sad


Depression go away
You don't own me like you think
Because I belong to Him, The Lord and King of Kings

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