Lord, my God 

to you I give my wants and needs, 

my cares and worries, my thoughts and dreams, my deepest and most passtionate desires. 

Lord, to you, I surrender. 


Father, Creator of all things

never leave me

stay close to me. 

Stand guard at my heart and seal my lips. 

Teach me your patience and long-suffering.


Lord, my sweet savior,

today I give you my future 

and my past.

Just as You are, the past remains unchanging. 

My future remains determined by you alone. 

Guide each step and help me to step with faith. 


What my heart desires most I cannot have

it was never mine to keep

but Yours. 

Yours designed, and still molding. 

We are clay in your hands

we are Yours.


I am small, weak and feeble

You are strong, powerful and perfect

Here is my love, here is my life.

Lord, help me to be patient, 

I will wait on you.




I like this! Keep up the good work!

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