My empty shell called Hell

Tue, 08/27/2013 - 22:08 -- Bobbo32


I feel alone in this empty shell

no one knows my hell

I thought I had control

But you wouldn't leave me alone

now I'm stuck in this house

You're a cat I'm a mouse

If I'm alive 

then its a matter of time

before you come down

to make me drown

I'm begging for life,

but you hold the light

I want to have fun

but you're holding a gun

You are the foe,

Can't you let go

and let me free

so I can be

the person I am

not the person you damned

into this pain

This world I've gained

is not worth my soul

its like an empty boul

I need hope

not this rope

to stand on this deck

and not strangle the neck

You want me dead

but you're outta my head

You're trying to hold on

but I see through the con

I will fight to the end

so that I don't bend

and when you come

I'll treat you like a bum

who tries to kill

but I will be filled

with eternal Life

instead of eternal strife



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