God with us

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God with us

God with us, I’ve heard it said before
But what does it really mean
to be with the Lord?

Is He literally with me
every second of everyday?
Or is it merely metaphorical,
meaning He’s always there when we need His strength?

If I cry out now,
if I shout with all my heart and all my soul?
Will the one who hears a thousand beating hearts,
listen to my words?

Will He incline His ears to my humble plea?
Will the hands that hold the heavens
hold unto me

God with us, I’ve heard said many times before
Those simple words that somehow make sprits soar

Inspires hope in those desolate
The broken and shamed
Brings joy and comfort to those who are hurting
consumed with pain

As I contemplate Your depth, Your intimacy
I’m starting to see there’s simply more to You
than one can see

Perhaps the point isn’t to know and understand everything
But to know the One from which all answers spring
Perhaps the questions,
Are just to lead us to the powerful, all-knowing King

God with us,
I think I finally understand
It’s an answer to all the questions
and doubts of man

Simply put He is with us
closer than we could know
And your curiosity will only be sated
when you follow

Follow Him, with radical faith, abandonment, and trust
Then you’ll find satisfaction and rest and in the One who showed great Love

I spent my life seeking the answers to the questions of the universe,
questions of life and love
why we were put on the earth

But the search turned out to be simpler than I could’ve guessed
God’s with us,
the answer never left.


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