Rejection to Resurrection

 Sometimes living in this world can be tough,

people can be mean, laugh, tease, it's rough.

The world looks down on those who don't fit,

your not alone don't give up, don't quit!


 You can get through it that I'm sure,

God knew how it felt, He sent a cure.

He sent His son to be an outcast and light,

He dared to be different and set us in the right.


His life was not easy you can look it up,

people laughed, people swore and people beat Him up.

 They put Jesus on the cross, did it hurt? Yes!

But He did it for you and your future happiness.


 He died so that He could wash away your sins away,

but death couldn't keep Him down, He rose in three days.

 He's been there and done that, He knows how it feels,

 He knows the pain you feel and darkness is real.


 But now there is light, hope and love,

because of the gift given from above.

Jesus will trade you the scars that were made by you,

for the scars that were made by you.


When you feel alone, know that you never are,

when you need to talk He never far.

He will take away your pain and pick you up where you fell,

He will save you from the darkness and this world you call hell.


From rejection to resurrection, you can have it too,

just give your heart to God and He will make you new.


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