Grant Me The Serenity

Grant Me The Serenity

Life, is it really worth living for ?
I did not know until God opened the door

And there he was in the shape of a big, bright, spiritual light;
He said, Son, believeth in me and everything shall be alright

So every morning I get down on my knees and pray;
God, please let me have another clean and sober day

Though I often have thoughts of suicide
And tell the Lord: oh, how hard I've tried

Then I asked him for a way out of this bind;
With a silent voice, he answered: my son, one day at a time

Before I called upon him I had one foot in the grave
but like he told me, believeth in him an thou shalt be saved

When my mind and nerves become idle
I become secluded and read the bible

So now I am saved and will always wear his sign
And will never forget the blessing he placed in mind

Now that I've found myself and my goal
With dignity and pride I can shout out, no !

No one wants to be a drug or suicidal fanatic;
So remember, that's life through the eye's of an addict

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