When you look for it you can’t find it.
When you find it you can’t hide it, its all we ever want all we think we ever need.
We would beg for it on our knees. Drop to the ground and yell please!
So you think to yourself, I’ll go to school so that I won’t be a fool, Ill get a job, no no a career and then surely ill be near.
That's what they always told me, thats what I always hear…
On TV, that flat screen, those people, the clothes, that house the car…thats all that matters right??! That’ll be the life.
But then you get all that and its still not enough, its never enough.
Because material things only supply you with temporary satisfaction.
In order to fulfill that need of your heart and soul you need something bigger than you and me, Bigger than a flat screen.
You need a love so great and powerful that it can’t be contained.
A love that only ONE can exclaim!!
The love of Jesus Christ, our Lord and our Savior.
And no, his love for you does not depend on your behavior.
And its not one you can buy, if thats what they told you, its a lie.
His gift of life is free for everyone and has NO PRICE. 


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