"The Beauty That Made Us" By: Tra'Vasha Green


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 The beauty that made us is a wonderful thing. It brings out the light in us like a diamond do a ring. I love the way I am and the way I was made to be. Because if I wasn't how I am now, then why would there be such a thing as me. I am a strong young black beautiful lady, but even though at times I known to be a little crazy. God made me this way and I won't ignore. The fact that I didn't even know this before. You should be happy that you were even made into the earth, because their are little lives that didn't live that was suppose to be worth. He always have his reasons for what he does. But I love him even though I can't see him up above, he is the life source of our lives, the diamond to our ring, which made us human beings. If I can't trust anyone I know it's him I trust. Because God is The Beauty That Made Us.  


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