Fri, 03/27/2015 - 11:00 -- Crosby

Every day is another war,

Another soul lost

Another closed door

And at what cost?

We let them take control,

We let them push us out.

Our words have become null

No matter how loud we shout.

They call us intolerant,

They call us haters,

We live under the name ignorant

When we become the vindicators.

The left has become our oppressors

They snuff out our words

They claim we are Liberty's aggressor.

To us the public has become deterred.


Brothers and sisters in God,

Brothers and sisters of the flag.

Let us no longer softly trod,

Let us now throw off the hands that scrag.

Stand my brothers,

Rise my sisters,

Unite all who suffer,

This is our time to bestir.

No longer shall they tread on us.

For what goes up must come down.

No longer at us shall they cuss,

We will cast off their crowns.

This is our time,


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My country
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