see it? 


Ashes on the windowseal grey my fingertips as I lean over you

a white dog sits by the oak stump in our yard


so? whats so special about some dog?


it's an angel dog. see? it has wings. 


It is very fluffy. My hand presses against the cold glass, and I light a cigarette. 

I gave up on God years ago, but you. Well you are a different breed. 


those will kill you, Momma. That's what Daddy said. 


well your Daddy ain't here, so it's okay. 


oh. okay. 


I bite down, to taste the bitter menthol. It tastes better than his old cologne, his sweet smile,

tastes better than his presence. At least that's what I tell myself. 


can we keep him? 


what darling?


can we keep the angel? please Momma! I'll take care of him.


I smile and take a draw. The smoke of my breath dulls the window. Maybe I need an angel 

an angel could make our life a little brighter. At least for a while. 


maybe, baby. 




You put your small hands on the sill, and jump down. You grab your coat, and start to leave

I follow you outside, stepping in your footprints

The dog sees us and barks. 


come here puppy! I wanna pet you!


My fingers lace in yours and I hold you back


baby, don't scare the puppy.


okay momma. 


You are quite now, hesitant. I drop my cigarette, letting it sizzle out in the snow

the angel-dog sniffs you, and inches closer


be careful now honey, don't let him bite. 


The angel-dog puts its head in your hand and nuzzles

you giggle, and stroke his soft downy fur



This poem is about: 
My country


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