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Grand Canyon University
United States

She lived in Kenya,

Only knew her ABC's,

Moved to America at eleven years old,

Taught herself English,

No one helped her,

She fell behind,

And yet her heart never failed,

She cried herself to sleep most nights,

Dreaming of a life of happiness and acceptance,

She felt utturly alone and hopeless,

She never gave up,

Then the GCU Lounge opened,

She was the first to arrive,

Met her Tutor, 

Wouldnt eat in front of her,

Submissive to the bone,

 But she never missed a day,

Began eating in front of her,

Learned how to add, subtract, mulitply, and so much more,

Opened up to her,

Gained her confidence,

Cried in front of her,

Realized uncondional love,

Became a new person,

A beautiful young lady,

Daring, happy and loved,

She learned so much,

But so did I,

I cried with her as she was hit,

I walked with her in this journey too,

She grabbed my heart and ran with it,

I didnt even want it back,

She makes me proud every day,

I know she'll be okay,

This is my job,

And so much more,

Everyday children are neglected and abused,

Told that they wont make it,

Told that they are stupid,

That they will remain in poverty,

Not anymore,

They now know they are valued,

That they are smart,

That they can be anything they want,

That they are capable for greatness,

I see no more tears,

I only see smiles,

I am blessed to be here,

I wish I had this when I was younger,

I wish I didnt have to cry when I was younger,

And now we can help those who feel helpless,

This is my work,

This is my lifely hood,

Never again will a child pass me without knowing how wonderful they are,

God has blessed me with this,

At such an early age,

An oppurtuniy of a lifetime,

A gift to us,

We change their lifes,

But they're changing ours too,

It's as if The Blind Side has come to life here,

Its a beautiful sight to see,

I could talk about this forever,

But why dont you come and see,

A wonderful place,

A refuge from the streets,

A wonderful place,

A place to be at peace.




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