I am Honest



To be respected, I must be trustworthy,

To be trustworthy, I must be honest,

To be honest, I must know who I am.

I am a child of God, the God of truth,

The God of light who sees.

He is not a god who sits meekly in heaven and observes

What passes below.

He is a God who throws down the wicked

And uncovers their dishonest schemes,


I am not a politician,

With a fancy way with words.

I speak straightforward what I believe,

What I know to be true.

I have a passion for truth,

I do not want to deceive,

I do not want to hurt,

I want to give you what God gave me

And that is an open heart and eyes.


What can I tell you that shows you my love?

What can I give you to show you my God?

Only the truth;

The solitary, honest truth

And I am honest.


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