"All falls down"


I'm addressing you....you with the sunkissed slightly greenish hazel eyes and cherry blossom blushed cheeks...you with the dark berry skin tone and pure almond colored eyes... you with the corner store and liquor spots for teachers... you hold blocks like moms cradling their childern You with the scorn mom and absent sperm donor for a pops ...I'm addressing you momma... that creishes the smiles of men more than the smiles of your own son... and to that son grows up to be just like those men that his mom chases after ....I'm addressing you blind eyes running face 1st into life... with a marathon of tears streaming down your face.....cause you realize just like me it doesn't get any easier from here... you make just enough to survive but never enough to skate out Just enough get by so u dont have to hear your childs stomach screaming for you See you i see your life... and Ur dad fist full of his of unspoken dreams.... painting black and blue water colored paint across your face Its doesn't get any realer than that......when the back of your stomach scrapes against your spine.... bread winner ..the bacon chaser when you gotta pick up the pants of those men that your momma dropped down and you gotta be that man that you haven't seen.... it gets tuff living there... when slitting your wrists just dont cut it anymore...that noose seems to hang you just high enough from all your pains... What happen to your tomorrows and why are you still filled with your yesterday's ...like you, 21+ plus and just now realizing There's no more Skeltons in your closet they've taken up vacancies inside your womb ....how many easer marks does that sketched on smile have.... and how many tears must you swallow before you let them fall So my question to you all is, when.....when will we realize we're all throwing stones inside of our glass houses ...and still trying to build a foundation take a mintue and breathe and understand Your coldest day in the summer is still your hottest day in winter So in other words your worst day is never really worst And I cant wait for the day When you finally realize you are more than what your mom said..you are more than what your pops said.. you more than what they said you are.. So let it fall please.. let all those worries.. ..doubts...short comings....mistakes....hurts...clouded judgements and years of pain....let them all fall ...and realize god has a plan for your life... idk how he's gonna do it or when....but I can promise you this he will do it.... So stand firm on those rocks that they chucked at you or better yet build a kingdom on those rocks .. Forge a empire with dynasties that trend sends past comprehension.....and understand that the hood is to small contain your dreams ...so just know when it falls down and your walls start to crumble and the slience becomes too loud you are Loved by the perfect god that doesn't require you to be perfect


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