A Good Day

That bright day bursting with promise,

That bright morning beautified by golden sunrays,

When my heart is light,

When I walk with my head held high,

To me, that’s a good day.


That day when my mama would be proud of me,

Bursting with pride for I did something good,

That I made a poor child smile,

Or just scored well in a test,

To me, that’s a good day.


When my angel is full of talk,

Sharing with me the details of her day,

But all I hear is the melody in her voice,

The mesmerizing sound of her joyous laughter,

To me, that’s a good day.


When my daughter’s smile is bigger than usual,

Her eyes glittering with joy,

Her alluring smile illuminating the room,

Bathing her in hypnotizing beauty,

To me, that’s a good day.


When my son bursts into the room,

When he leaps ecstatically,

Yelling that he finally did it,

That he finally conquered his worst fear,

To me, that’s a good day.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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