Life is Rushed, But The End "Releases"


Shall we speak those days, which we do not speak?

Those moments were dear, yet so sinuous.

Our love was prominent, indulged with so much life, so prestigious.

Through the sight of human nature, minds eyes

Can't even begin to comprehend if it were man 

That plucked you from my life or the work of man.

Our raging attitudes straining our well-being so far,

Sight was absent. Car struck like a dear with the lights 

Could this be God testing my strengths?

Or Satan tearing me from peace and love?

Love is the true divine, but

I guess that model was left out of my design.

Piecing my feelings back together, I find myself

In a Stalemate.


I find myself biting the dust, utter defeat.

"Taken to the King", I say as I rise gazing at my soulless form

I see my sins deviously streaming from my body. 

"At last, I am free".


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