dear god

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 18:24 -- Bryans4

 i don't know what I am , I lost your hope and your love , but I can't feel a thing but hate . I've looking for a reason i have none ,you saved me more times then I can count , still I never said thank you, and I have a lot of nerve to avoid you at every chance I get, but when I walk a way you are still there looking at me with open arms and Love in your arms , and I just walk away without in love in mine . I  am I liar without hope , I've hurt me self to just feel a bit of emotion to say I'm alright . But i don't know where I want to go and want to be , but you have hope for me to change and find you , but I cry for you because I can't see and hear for what you want me to do . I've always loved you , no matter what , but I'm blind with my own desires and deaf with my own words. I'm gone but you still hold on to me because you love me but how can you love someone like me I've told me so many time I've hurt you and still you look at me with an open arm and heart 

ps forgive me god 


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