Why I Write: I Dream His Dream


There’s this dream growing inside me and it’s taking over my heart.
And it’s more than 15 minutes of fame, or the dream of a better start.
There’s this growing need emerging to be more than what I am.
It’s not enough to claim that I just wanna be a “better man”.
Not that morals aren’t important, but I can’t live just being nice,
while the world tumbles farther into death, hunger, fear, and strife.
See my life, a lifeless imitation of what I thought a “good Christian” ought to be.
I fail everytime instead of letting Jesus Christ, the Lord himself live through me.
So not accepting the obvious, I stumble and fall
trying to hold up the mask that I’m ok through it all.
“No, I’m great. Really. Highly favored of the Lord.”
All the while, spiritually doubled over like I’d been plunged through with a sword.
So with blood filling up my lungs, I was slowly dying on the inside
still not letting down my guard out of fear of pain, rejection, and pride.
See like an only child, my flesh was spoiled, demanding, and rotten to the core.
Molding, holding back my spirit till my head and heart tore into a million prickly pieces,
broken glass on an even more broken soul
(whose sole goal in life was to have the love of the world, as if THAT could make me whole).
See I knew the Bible, knew the scriptures, even knew that “the truth shall set [me] free”.
But like a worn out track, I’d just follow the beat, never letting the lyrics speak through me.
But see, I have this dream, and even now it seems that I can’t shake it even if I try.
So, my soul distressed, while I claim that I’m blessed, all my spirit could do was cry.
But that cry broke through, though I barely even knew from my depths to the throne of God.
And in spite of my ruse, though His name I abused, he reached down…and placed in me a seed.
And spoke to me saying,
though you walk as though I can’t see you, I’m here”
and my child it’s time to shut down pride and fear
, for my dear, remember you ARE saved and redeemed.
So get up from your sleeping and awaken my dream.
And He touched me right where He had just placed the seed
and from it came this ever-growing passion, this need
like a weed, no a vine that’s entangled my heart.
Body, soul, and spirit, every inch, every part
of me is tingling in anticipation
for this dream to reach the hearts of all nations.
Every person, tribe, and tongue sing and dance in celebration.
That the dream of God is being established from heaven to Earth.
A world so used to disaster and hurt,
it’s not worth me being wrapped up in my own selfishness.
THIS IS BIG. TOO BIG to try to fill my own ambitions or try to get my own gig.
I’d dig myself into a hole like so many times before.
But see, submitting to HIS dreams means I don’t have to means I don’t have to fall anymore.
Walking sure, I’m sure that the blood of Christ means
that I, in my own strength, see I don’t have to scheme.
What’s better is that I’m not the only one who can walk out this dream.
See THIS dream, not just a “cool idea”.
It’s a challenge to put away ourselves and live for the man himself.
See our “looking good” means nothing at night when the lights are off.
See the bible says when we dream his dream, the world is sure to scoff.
But His dream, so amazing that the dream outweighs the cost.
See his dream is to set free all the broken, dying, and the lost.
The world, his kingdom, where His children are totally set free.
See His heart is for ALL his children. See it’s more than just you and me.
What I wanted, what made me feel good, no longer as important as it seemed.
I’m a visionary, a daughter of HIM, and I dream his dream.
So when Satan tries to pull you back to follow your own desires.
Remind yourself that you are God’s and your standard is so much higher.
Cuz you are a visionary, a son a daughter of the most high KING,
no longer a slave, you are HIS and you dream his dream.

Said you are a son, a daughter of the most HIGH KING,
no longer a slave, you are HIS, and you dream HIS dream.

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A very well written, deep poem, and truly inspiring about a dream that we all want. Keep up your inspirational work! Its truly appreciated!

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you live to write

you write to live

express yourself-let your voice be heard

we are all inspire to be the greatest, put in the time and believe in yourself

thank you for sharing this inspirational piece

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