The World's Own

From thee Earth it grow
One of His very own creations
This feeling is going so slow
For these radical denominations
We express our love in tree
Show them we won't stop
Partaking with such glee
We shall until talks sure do pop
But alas this day now has come
We unite today when we remember most
That He still loves every home
For everyone is of something much to boast.

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My poem is about why one of God's creations, that has the potential to be one of the biggest money making exports in the United States.Weed is one of the most abused "drugs" in the world. I put that in quotations because I do not believe that marijuana is a drug. I believe that if God gave the Earth one of his creations to use for own enjoyment, then we should be allowed to do so. After all, we are created in his image. Some of the key symbols of my poem are about how the government is actually hurting themselves by not allowing the sale of marijuana. With America's agriculture, the amount for profit is unimaginable. This would improve the quality of life, just as the side effects of smoking marijuana are. Marijuana exemplifies your senses in a way that only yourself can imagine. There is a point where you almost feel the sense of eternal bliss.But yet, the people in charge hold that back from us and themselves. For what reason? We may never know.

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