Realized Misconceptions About Love

It took me a while to see that what we had was not love,

But what I found here, I'll never fall for a carbon copy again.

The words read here are to heal, not to offend, 

So with that being said


Don't call me your "Baby";

You never raised me. 

I'm not bitter, and I ain't better yet,

But I will be.


I admit I cut the ties,

But mostly 'cause God promised me a bond;

Not slavery. 

Why would He free me? Why would He save me?


Plus, you're kinda lazy. 

No harm, no foul.

I'm just realizing we're better off without,

and I want the Truth, so with that being said


I'm wising up to your bluff.

It ain't the Truth if I'm scared to trust,

And I can't trust in us if I'm falling.

Real love does not fall, but rises to the occasion.


With that being said, don't say you'll give me the world.

Is it yours to give? 

The Earth is the Lord's and the fulness thereof. 

Please, no more empty promises. 


I feared for our future.

Perfect love knows no fear,

And I knew when I fell it wasn't real

'Cause it hurt, but it never healed.








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