Your Godly Wisdom?


I shall repent? I shall forgive? Woe is me. God will you listen please! Don't let it be. Don't shy away, have you seen what sin has done to me? There's a hole in my heart where hell has been bestowed upon me. Forever and a day... eternal longevity. I followed you did I not? From here till thy kingdom come? You took a grasp upon my soul and you led me away from temptation. But as my body erodes I feel as if my life will be wasted. What's a sin to thy ears, strikes me right in the heart. Death would come for me if I don't play my part. My god is almighty for that is true. But his power over me is something that I never knew. I'll give you my body, I'll give you my soul. Let me bow to your feet, God please let me know. Rid me of all my sins, I hear Lucifer coming for me. I shall repent... and you shall forgive. God will you listen to me! Do me a favor. Will you please save me from me?

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