Free Will is a Joke. What Choice Do I have?

Thu, 08/08/2013 - 00:25 -- rauchb2

We are born
we are taught to survive
we procreate, we teach,
and then we die.

Chains of a Bible
keep us in prison
trained to believe
in a false wisdom.

A God is not a God
when he doesn't exist
though you would have me
believe in a genie's wish.

You create the thunder
You create the lightening
But you are not real
your beliefs I am fighting.

The Gospel of Judas
tells me nothing but sorrow
and your evanescent lies
are left empty and hollow.

What sickens me so terribly
is that sacred word you spout
and the fact you actually believe
in it, without a doubt.

I tried to speak of it myself
and the very syllables made me ill
the wrong is that anyone believes
in any type of free will.

But, what choice do I have?
But to sit back and be silent.
To shut my mouth and listen
to the word of a God so violent.


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