Just a Sinner


Knowing every twist and turn, rise and fall,

Wouldn’t make this a life at all.

Being alive is searching, failing, and growing,

Learning to sing and dance amidst life’s raining.

I grow from the dark days,

And persevere through life’s maze.

A pupil until the day I die,

Knowledge is of great value in my eye.

There is profit in my labor,

It will pay off I am sure.

What is life’s meaning

If we do not help every possible human being?

A greater love within, 

It is the key to get through the skin,

And help an aching soul

That just needs to feel whole.

Life’s journey is indeed

Striving for perfection within a creed.

Every soul on earth takes a journey.

But for some, it is just blurry.

As for my time here,

To those I love, I will draw near.

I will never stay down, but will stand tall.

I will  answer my divine call.

I will answer, and I will continue to seek

To love others seven days a week.

The past is gone and to the future I am blind.

Focusing on the present is keeping peace of mind.

However, I must humbly say,

That every single day

I am weak. But the one within me is strong.

I am timid, yet boldly I am guided on. 

But don’t you see?

Who? Me?

I am just a sinner until the day I die.

For forgiveness I look to the sky. 

Every act under the sun

I found myself to have done.

Recognition of wrong doing

And repentance, is how I keep going.

I am nothing, without God. 

I am at best, flawed.

I live however, because of Jesus. 

I am, who I am, because of His forgiveness.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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