When I became a Man

                                             When I became a Man

When I became a man, I put away childish things. Before I became a man I let myself cling. Cling to the worlds definition of the American dream. I spent my time and effort trying to impress, buying into “its all about what you possess”. Like thats how you define success? Before I became a man, I let my mouth spit game but never let my heart do much. I figured Id just let myself float and follow the rest of the world down the river of life in the worldly pleasure boat towards lust. You see, its much easier to follow then it is to lead. It’s much easier to do wrong and give in to the human nature of greed. I let myself focus on what the world says I need. When I became a man, I picked up my cross and put down my shame. I let my heart become more than a flame. I learned how to forgive. Even when it has hurt me. Does it really matter where people have been? We are all have the nature of sin but what truly matters is what is within. I finally started to understand how to show love. The same way that God showed us. We stand with those we love which is nothing compared to the fact he died for us. No one is sinless so life and love is about forgiveness.In order to love her you gotta love him. I learned to love a brother. I'll lend him my hand, my heart and my hallelujah. When I became a man, I understood that my dreams and desires were important to have but my purpose is the only thing in life that will ever stay constant. It doesn’t matter what people have to say or what they do most of the those are untrue so don’t let them dig the hole for you to fall into. I learned to follow where God was taking me. So many days I find myself on my knees but there is always one person there waiting to meet me. Every time that I thought there was no where else to go all he was saying was “trust in me”. When I became a man, I learned to no longer be afraid of the dark and let Gods word heal my heart. I experienced the fact that people will never be able to fill the spot for love in your heart and when you place everything in humans and your own abilities your world will fall apart but in order to avoid that you have to set yourself apart. When I became a man……..

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