Loud were the sirens crying out
and loud was the body that wanted to be let out
Wanted to be free and do whatever it pleased
Not knowing the regrets that it would reap.
Loud were the warning bells that seemed to shout.
But deaf were the ears, all sound tuned out.
Not realizing the pain it would later bring,
At the moment, no humongous consequences, smoke and mirrors made for things to appear charming.
But the fairy tale ends and reality sets in, smoke blown away and the mirror glasses shattered to pieces again; it won't mend.
And what's left standing resembles that of a heathen.
tired and broken, spiritually, no longer held in.
Now, clear are the voices that were once tuned out, harmonious are the bells that once seemed to shout.
Now piercing is the pain that seemed so mild,
Because what is left is just a child. A child who got lost on a path to success.
Got lost because of distractions, lust, sex..
Got lost in a crowd that showed false affection.
now lost is her one prized possession.
she was careless, and guarded it with a false hope,
as if hanging intently from the strands of a weary rope.
Now open are the ears that refused to listen.
Because genuine life stories all have a lesson.
Wet are the eyes that refused to see
The bigger picture, at the greater scheme of things.
Heavy is the heart that had grown cold,
To anyone that attempted to save her soul.
constantly asking the question, why, wanting desperately to go back in time
The time when she wasn't thinking about a future time that would come and someone would steal her heart again.
someone who would understand but doubt,
Someone who would cause her soul to shout.
To shout because of the foolish act that she can't take back. sooo instead she prays. She understands and feels it deep within.
Now, loud are the prayers that she sends up,
to accept what's been done, forgive and adjust.
and God will forgive, promises he does not break. but this was to prove that a body is not for man to take.
And he is unlike man, won't throw you away when you've done wrong.
Instead, he'll pick you up, dust you off, and put you back where you belong.


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