A Way Out

Mon, 07/07/2014 - 15:49 -- Gabyson


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Ok I’m trapped in this world

Matter fact, I’m trapped in my mind

I think about it, why can’t I just leave it behind?

I feel a hold every time. I was depending on time

Procrastination, they hating,

Just cause I’m changing my life

I got this book when I write

On every verse, every line

I speak the truth

I ain’t lying

Bout the times I was lying

I know we all had those times

When it was hard to decide

When we thought the Lord

Wasn’t really hearing you’re crying

A very run down your eyes

From all the pain and the hurt

You think the only way out

Is just to get off this earth


You go to paradise

Only if you living right

Take advantage of the word

You think you really doing right

That’s hate in your heart

You got sin in your life

God sent his only son as a living sacrifice

So I’ll give you my life

And shine bright

Put wings on my back

Cause I’ve been patiently waiting

It’s time for me to take flight.



Holy Spirit Lead me to write this. Glory to God, This will be ministering to your heart. #Ride Out #Kadex #2014 #God #Love #Hope #Sin #Truth #Success #Faith #Heaven #Holy #Spirit #Jesus #Rap #Kadex #Purpose

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