Woe Is Me (Sing to You) by: Jaay Dee Kayy

The happiest point in my life,

Is somewhere I'm supposed to be,

Your youth shouldn't be filled with strife,

Instead it should be carefree;

But that has nothing to do with me,

But I'm blessed with a family,

And I'm thankful and proud to be,

Eating from the fruitful tree, but woe is me;


I called you blood, but you're wounding me, got freshened blood,

My pain has never left, but their memories' are lost in a flood;

Or a cloud a smoke, bound to choke, speak up, what you speakin' for?

Everytime you speak and can't explain, you're tuned out like speakerphone,

But keep it cool, believe me you, it's consequences when he sings that tune,

Cause there will come a day when he has to face the music, Weeknd moods;

Weaken mood, them weekend moods, you weakened me, I'll weaken you,

Even through the struggles, my Adonai, I will sing to you.

Even through my troubles, my Adonai, I will sing to you.


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My family
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