Confusion between my legs

     that goes against what God says

Feeling wrong but feels so right,

It sometimes disturbs my dreams at night

That tingling sensation, I feel it in my core

With the thought of a feminine touch



To feel, to experience, to explore

     the sin that is sameness

       and disputably shameless

That is, in the temple that is me.

Not to offend, but I must contend with my feelings about this sin


The He Almighty, His word is there

In Black and White, my answer lies

So why must I continue to surmise?

In the heat of a moment, my soul could be compromised


But it seems I can't relent the feeling

Not until my curioisty is sated and has had it's dealing

I just want to experience the she & she

With the she being she and the opposite being me


But how could I ask this of You,

     when your instructions were so clear?

Not really a question, more of a confession

So maybe I'm asking you to set me free

But if the wrong is too strong,

     and the bounds do confound me

When my spirit shuts down and my libido is unleashed

I must ask that you forgive me,

Pull me out and set me back upon the righteously living.


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