Anthem of the Last Chance

To the one with unbearable anxieties and sorrows,
Holding you back from living and breathing towards tomorrow
Believing that the light of hope on your Savior's shoulders
Will fail to reach you in time
You've lost all hope of turning around
To create a new beginning tonight
And just when you start to grasp the change
The darkness crushes your light
Weathering away any will you have left
Until you question why you fight
Taking in all the failures
All the backslides
All your hopes snatched from your hands
Know that these thing happen to all
And you're never truly alone
The King of All stands by your side
With you wherever you are
He'll carry you through it
and guide you back
To the days of smiling and joy
Keep getting up
And realize we all fall down
If your weighed down by loneliness and sorrow
Unable to lift your eyes
Then let Him carry you home
And leave behind the past
Let go of your burdens
And begin again.


Mary R.

The first four lines "To you with your burdens and pains

Keeping you back from your life
You believe that there's nothing and there is no one
Who can make it right" are almost an exact quote from the Third Day song "Cry Out to Jesus" (found here in the second stanza: ). I don't mean to sound accusing, because maybe it wasn't intentional, but it's plagiarism to pass someone else's lines off as your own.


Oops! I totally didn't see that! I'll hopefully figure out another way to start or take it out all together. Anyways thank you a ton for the pointer!

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