He’s There

I'm feeling anxious

and I can't stop. 
it comes in waves

that crash over me

and pull me in the

I can barely surface 

to breathe. 
I can feel the oxygen

slowly leaking out

of my lungs. 
It pushes me down 

farther and farther

until the sand from

the ocean floor is 

in my hands. 

I feel the world again. 
It comes in flashes 

I'm coughing,

struggling to grasp

Someone is standing 

above me. 

It's Him. He is there. 

He rescued me;

pulled me out of the 

deepest part of the ocean. 
He carries me out 

of the reach of 

the water and 

tells me to relax. 

Christ saved me from

the darkest place

of my existence. 
He showed me 

the light and how to

breathe again. 
He saved me 

from myself. 


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