Lords Prayer

Sitting outisde watching the leaves change colors

I contemplate and think about my righteous Savior

How He has always been present ready to guide me

I never heard his voice from all the distractions

but I knew He would not abandon me

He is a powerful just God in only He can judge me

His tremendous love is shown to me on a daily 

I feel His protection and want to follow His direction

Through Him I am powerful

His unfailing love was proven through His son Jesus Christ

Only His humble spirit can forgive my sinful nature

I must humble myself  to realize how great that is

Stepping away from pride and evil inclinations

I want to dive deep into a relationship with God

To have an eternal friendship as He hears my nightly prayers

He provides for all my needs, I will never stop learning from His wise words

No matter if I fall I will receive a hand to uplift my spirit

Back on track and I can live a joyful life

Knowing that He will manage all my fears, doubts, worries, and troubles

That brings excitement and purpose to live for

I hope never to stray away from the One who can grant me Heaven...



This poem is about: 
Our world


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