It Don't Come Easy

It Don't Come Easy

A field of dreams falling apart at the seams
today I sought a peace between two worlds
From the one I knew
then to the one I wish to know

cobwebs etched into my fragmentary brain
A touch at a glance of a beckoning call
Light illumination
hope springs a new

One seeks solace from nature's glory

To savor each moment with both family & friend
The eclipse of the sun has tainted my inner vision
A sparkling array of blissful care
love shot an arrow to the center of my heart

This shall light a spark to where I need to go
through the lens of a spectator at a baseball game
We traveled so far not to turn back now
Life is full of beautiful interludes

in the game of life your time is very brief
Time to turn over a brand new leaf
It don't come easy man it just don't

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