Fri, 07/24/2015 - 03:12 -- anuelnd

love you God, you make me strong. God is my bedrock under my feet, the castle in which i live, he makes me rest in the night. My God to whom i run for my dear life from a hostile world, hiding behind thy borders where i am saved
i call on God and from His palace He hears my call, my cry brings me right into his presence, a private audience. he caught me and reached all the way from the sky to the seas, he pulled me out of that ocean of hate, the enemy of chaos, the void in which i was drowning, He stuck by me while i stood there surprised to be loved........God made my life complete when i placed all the pieces of my life before Him, He gave me a fresh start, i dont take God for granted, everyday i review the way He works. i try not to miss anything by watching my steps...God re-wrote the text of my life when i opened the book of my heart to His eyes. God flood-lit my life-a blazing glory. His rod stretches wide and smooth, every road direction is God tested. everyone who runs towards Him makes it...What a GOD!!!............Alvin slaughter ( I will run to you)

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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