An Unknown Masterpiece

       How do I let go of my past with him?

After all, 

       He damaged my heart, my mind, my soul...


I allowed him into my vulnerable heart, and he soiled every perception I obtained of a relationship.

I trusted in him, I gave him all of my time.

My effort.

My love.


Of course, I sometimes still believe

that it would perhaps make life easier to just give in. 

To settle. 

To allow my vicious thoughts off their distressed leashes:


"He used to talk with me so sweetly,

provide for me unendingly,

and how he would kiss me; 





A predicament still remains, however.


I am not in love with him, anymore.

He does not own me, anymore.

I am not his misused pet,

                                            any. more.




I am God's masterpiece.




I am His, and He is mine.

He has created me. 

                        shaped me. 

                                blessed me. 

                                        and saved me.


I am no one else's upon this broken world.

I am God's.


I am His, and He is mine.



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