The Greatest Taste (Psalm 37:4)

Sweet like candy are his words

Man I probably have many cavities from every single one I’ve heard

you know, it’s nothing like the bitter kind I had Before

For some reason I always ended up with stomach aches and chest pains

What’s the brand again was it  t…e...i…

Oh no it had to be S.I.N. Sin! Yup that’s it!

You know when I come to think about it I never wanna try those willingly ever again

I mean those sins I’d treated so great

Ended up taking my father’s place

Not realizing how blinding the darkness that comes from sin could be

Or understanding that it all eventually consumed me…and my stomach

Yeah lets not talk about that time, but lets just say that It had me staying up all night

I mean tossing and turning and feeling so lost

and lets not forget empty

man those things didnt ever seem to satisfy for too long

unlike my father’s candy, I mean those things would never run out

filling up my taste buds which caused my tongue to shout out songs of praise

and they always brought me down to my knees to give glory to his name

You know his candy will do that to you

The only thing that sins would do is give me a bad case of heartburn

I remember that it burned me so bad one time that my heart turned right into stone

(can you believe that?!)

I mean it made my heart as hard as a rock and for a while it seemed as if nothing could get through.

That is until one day I found out something that I never knew

that their was a candy product that a lot of people were trying

Yeah It was said to do things like fill you up, give you eternal peace, show you what everlasting love was and it could even show you your purpose in life

However, one of the benefits that got me the most was that I could be set free!

And the only thing that I had to do was say these three simple words and I would no longer  be bounded by the chains that once held me!

So I got on my knees ( as directed by the packaging of course)

and I yelled out “Jesus,save me!”

And there it was “grace” one of the sweetest candies that I had yet to taste

but every rotten tooth and cavity that I got was worth it

because at that moment my life was no longer worthless

but filled with great joy, love and peace

and my once hardened heart was returned to flesh

and I was no longer of this world or like the rest

You see God’s grace is sufficient and the things of this world will perish

but forever are God’s words the sweetest that I’ve ever known



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